MICROBES-4-CLIMATE (M4C), Microbial services addressing climate change risks for biodiversity and for agricultural and forestry ecosystems: enabling curiosity-driven research and advancing frontier knowledge

Researcher working under laminar hood.

A project on knowledge of microbiomes-plants-soil-environment interactions, M4C is coordinated by MIRRI ERIC and it has 31 partners. M4C provides advanced research infrastructure services to support research and innovation in all areas from terrestrial biodiversity to organisms, ecosystems, communities and society. Its vision is to deepen the understanding of the network created by the project and its role in paving the way for global resilience to climate challenges.

The project aims to advance knowledge in the field of terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystems through a Transnational Access programme. This initiative will focus on studying the intricate interactions between microbiomes, plants, soil, and the environment to better understand their roles in climate change responses. Through multidisciplinary scientific collaboration, the Transnational Access programme will showcase excellence and push the boundaries of research in this important area. By encouraging curiosity-driven research that generates both fundamental insights and practical applications, the project hopes to address global change and foster innovation in the response, resilience, and mitigation of environmental challenges.

The Horizon Europe-funded five-year project has a budget of €15 million and has started on 1st of February 2024.