A field with hay pales at the NorPeat research platform.

Individual study plots can be cultivated differently to monitor the effect of various manipulations. Manipulation options are e.g. different crops, fertilizations, management options etc., but also the effect of peat depth can be monitored since peat depth varies from 15 cm to 75 cm between plots. There is 0,7 ha water storage reservoir next to the field which is connected to subsurface drainage system allowing subsurface irrigation and manipulation of water table level in individual plots. The reservoir is filled with rain water and runoff water from the catchment area. Agricultural parameters are determined to follow the success of harvest. 

There are multiple sensors and loggers to monitor environmental parameters supporting GHG and subsurface drainage water datasets. Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) operates Eddy covariance tower located in the middle of the platform. The official national weather station by FMI is located next to the platform. The infrastructure offers the option to conduct field experiments in combination with animal research since there is a research barn for beef production studies.