Kainuu Fisheries Research Station

A bird view photo of Kainuu Fisheries Research station.

Facility offers state-of-the-art techniques for manipulating pressures at aquatic ecosystem level with sufficient light reduction. Facility has monitoring devices for separate experimental units (e.g. RFID-telemetry technology with 70 antennas for monitoring fish movements). Ecohydraulics modelling has been used. Common AnaEE data sharing policy will be followed. 

It is possible to manipulate several pressures in an experiment at the same time with the capacity to run long-term experiments (>1 year). Facility offers state-of-the-art techniques for manipulating benthic-pelagic exchange processes in aquatic systems, sediment processes and community dynamics. Multiple interactions between pressures can be studied. Several of these pressures – water discharge and local velocity, water depth, ice cover, shelter, food supply and food availability, sedimentation and water temperature (possible to manipulate +/–10 °C water T, device will be completed in 2022) – are directly or indirectly related to climate change, precipitation changes or hydrological changes. 

Air and water temperature, water inflow and oxygen content and fish movements are measured automatically.