Hyytiälä SMEAR II

Hyytiälä research station captured from the bird view, triangle shaped forest plot in the middle.

The main idea of SMEAR type infrastructures is continuous, comprehensive measurements of fluxes, storages and concentrations in the land ecosystem–atmosphere continuum. The biogeochemical cycles and vegetation–soil–atmosphere interactions are studied both experimentally and with long-term observations. The site belongs to ICOS, ACTRIS and eLTER infrastructures.

The site offers possibilities for experiments from leaf scale to stand scale. Larger areas for experiments are available outside the existing core measurement sites. The long-term observations provide wide background data about e.g. leaf, stand and ecosystem scale measurements of greenhouse gases, volatile organic compounds, pollutants (e.g. O3, SO2, NOx) and aerosols, in addition to a full suite of meteorological measurements from 1996 onwards. Laboratory space with basic laboratory equipment such as ovens and cold spaces are available for use as well as on agreement measurement equipment such as portable CO2-analysers, soil temperature and moisture sensors.